Pipeline Systems, Inc. Protects Piping With Powercrete R-95

Powercrete is an epoxy coating similar to Denso, & SPC 2888 that is used to coat new pipeline girthwelds, bare steel, or repair existing pipeline. It protects against mechanical or chemical properties that would cause the “steel” pipe to weaken through corrosion. Pipeline Systems, Inc. is a leader in the Meadville, PA region for mid-stream oil and gas pipeline projects & municipal water & wastewater construction projects.

On a recent job in Presto, PA, Pipeline Systems, Inc. applied Powercrete R-95 epoxy coating supplied by Horizon Supply Company onto bore piping to protect it from the elements. It’s required to coat all bare pipe that is exposed to the elements that would cause the “steel” pipe to weaken through corrosion.

The process of applying Powercrete involves pre-heating and sandblasting the pipe to prepare the pipe for application. Equipment used includes: pipe pre-heater (Weed Burner, Vapor Torch), Sand Blasting (Abrasive Media), Sand Blasting equipment (Hood, Blast Hose, Nozzles etc), etc. Horizon Supply Company offers this equipment, materials, and more with same-day delivery to your job site!

Our dedication & service to our customers is unmatched, making Horizon Supply Company a leading supplier of equipment, tools, and supplies for pipeline jobs & more. Shop online today, or contact us for more information!


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