The Steel Blue Boots “Mobile Shop” Brings The Boot Store To You

We get it- if you’re a welder, pipeliner, construction worker, helper, or anyone who works long days on their feet, buying new work boots is a big deal! If you want to try on a new pair, first you have to take time out of your day to make a trip to the store. There are lots of choices (maybe too many). Every pair of boots promises various benefits, boasts new technologies and styles leaving you dazed and confused. Every size 12 is different, and you have no guarantee that they’ll feel good on your job site. It’s an unpleasant experience at best…

What if the shoe store came to you? What if a mobile shop, manned by a product expert, loaded with top of the line boots from an industry leading manufacturer came to your workplace to outfit you & your entire team with new work boots? Now what if those boots were backed by a 60-day 100% comfort guarantee AND a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty? That’s exactly the experience Steel Blue Boots USA makes a reality with their mobile work boot shop.

Below are some photos from Horizon Supply Company & Steel Blue Boots’ recent visit to Stanwade Metal Products in Hartford, Ohio with the mobile boot shop. Our customers enjoy the mobile shop because it makes the boot buying process low pressure, convenient, and simple- everything a visit to a traditional boot store isn’t.

Above our customers are pictured discussing Steel Blue Boots with our product specialist in the mobile shop. Based on their needs, they’re given a few options to try on to replace some well-worn boots. The best part? If you’re not happy with the comfort of your Steel Blue boots within 60 days of purchase, you’ll receive a full refund or a replacement pair to the same value (providing they’ve been correctly fitted). We caught up with one of the workers photographed above and asked how his new boots felt on the job, and his answer didn’t surprise us. He said that he was amazed at the comfort level of his new work boots, and that his back pain had been reduced! It’s amazing what a good pair of boots can do.

To have the mobile Steel Blue Boots shop visit your workplace or job site, contact Horizon Supply Company.
Online ordering available soon at!

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