Horizon Supply Company Seeks To Serve During COVID-19 Crisis

Horizon Supply Company is remaining in operation through the COVID-19 public health crisis to offer assistance in any capacity to the threatened communities we serve across the country in PA, TX, FL, OH, WV, LA, NM, & beyond. Our team is swiftly adapting to the new challenges before us taking all necessary precautions, but we know that our assets can be of great service in unordinary ways during these unordinary times.

Horizon Supply Company's Fleet Of Delivery Vehicles

Our long-standing connections with manufacturers & expertise in logistics has made us uniquely prepared to assist with the distribution of in-demand personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies, food & beverage, sanitization products, and more. We are prioritizing the acquisition of these in-demand supplies directly from production lines, allowing us to distribute to those in need sooner. We’re keeping our large fleet of delivery vehicles on standby, prepared to take action when called upon to support supply chains.

If you have these in-demand products & supplies in your inventory but are unable to move them due to lack of logistical, shipment, and delivery services please contact Horizon Supply Company as soon as possible to discuss solutions. We can offer assistance to anyone in need from individuals & small businesses to large retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or grocery chains. 

If you need logistical help or know of somebody who does, contact Horizon Supply Company by calling (724) 856-3994 or emailing info@horizon-equip.com.

Wishing everyone good health,

Horizon Supply Company

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