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The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed and crippled supply chains across the world, critical to the operation of businesses in all sectors. Production lines have ground to a halt and distribution networks can’t keep up with the rising demand due to a significant reduction in workforce, forcing many businesses to close their doors or operate without essential inventory & supplies. Horizon Supply Company is working with local and state authorities to keep our business open, while keeping our employees safe by taking all necessary precautions. Based on their guidance, our business is classified as essential because of the products we offer, industries and customers we serve, and the services we provide.

Horizon Supply Company is committed to helping our neighbors in the communities we serve across the United States in PA, TX, FL, OH, WV, LA, NM, and beyond with our logistical assets, experience, and expertise as announced in our recent blog post, “Horizon Supply Company Seeks to Serve During COVID-19 Crisis.” Our first action to fulfill this commitment was to make our large fleet of delivery vehicles available to businesses and organizations in need including: medical facilities, grocery stores, public utilities, community hospitals, military & government agencies, energy companies, nonprofits, and more. Our vehicles can be utilized to distribute and deliver in-demand products supporting the threatened supply chains most essential businesses depend upon to operate effectively.

Horizon Supply Company's Fleet Of Delivery Vehicles

Our capability to help our neighbors during these desperate times doesn’t stop with logistics expertise or delivery vehicles. Horizon Supply Company is a leading provider of wholesale industrial supplies, which are becoming increasingly sparse. We carry a very wide array of products including safety & PPE (personal protective equipment) products, which have been essential in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare facilities & in everyday life. From protective gloves & goggles to respiratory equipment and sanitization supplies, our product offerings go far beyond the needs of the oil & gas industries. We are tirelessly working with our manufacturers and global supply chain to get in demand products as quickly as possible, while ensuring our inventory levels are kept adequate for current and potential new customers.

If your business or organization is threatened by a quickly dwindling supply chain due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, leaving you unable to obtain the essential supplies needed to operate, contact Horizon Supply Company to discuss potential solutions. Our solutions include the expedited wholesale and shipment or delivery of the products & essentials you require to operate in an effective manner during these challenging times. 

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