Horizon Supply Company provides a full range of services to the industrial construction industry.  Our partners are geared towards new construction, rebuilds and upgrades, outages, installation and fabrication of process piping and maintenance.  Including, but not limited to, building or upgrading gas, coal, nuclear power plants, valves and fittings, civil work, structural installations, mechanical/piping, equipment setting, all project management and project service roles.

  • Cryogenic Gas Plants
  • LNG/Gas-to-Liquids (Liquefaction) Facilities
  • Fractionation Plants
  •  Gas-Compressor Stations
  • Flare Gas Collection Projects
  • Oil and Gas Separation Facilities
  • Crude Oil Upgrade Facilities
  • Oil Pumping Stations
  • Compressor Additions/Replacements
  • Gas Plant Modifications