Abrasive, Cutting, & Grinding Tools & Equipment

Horizon Supply Company offers only the best abrasive, cutting, & grinding tools & equipment. From angle grinders, pipe cutters, & other metal cutting tools to grinding, cut off, & wire wheels, we’re your one-stop industrial supply for any task on the job site. Place your order online, or contact us for more information. 

Grinding, Abrasive, & Cutting Tools

We know our customers and the importance of having dependable & durable tools. That’s why our tools are from trusted manufacturers like DeWalt, Metabo, RIGID, & more. You can only work as fast and as well as your tools can! Get the job done with our top-of-the-line industrial tools including:

  • Grinders/Angle Grinders: Grinders & angle grinders are versatile tools that are essential to pipeliners, contractors, construction crews, & others. A motor drives a gear on which is mounted a grinding wheel, cut off wheel, or any other accessory listed below.
  • Pipe Cutters: Pipe cutters are tools that make cutting tough steel pipes more convenient, cleaner, & faster.
  • Pipe Bevelers/Beveling Band Crawlers: Pipe bevelers or crawlers are used to smooth & cut piping, improve safety & aesthetic appearance.
  • Drills: Drills are useful for power industrial bits used for cutting through steel pipes, rocks, minerals & more.

Grinding, Abrasive, & Cutting Equipment & Accessories

Your equipment should be as effective, consistent,

  • Grinding Wheels: Grinding wheels are made of an abrasive compound and are commonly used in the pipeline industry for abrasive cutting processes. Horizon has many types of grinding wheels, some of which are mentioned below.
  • Wire Wheels: We offer many types of wire brush wheels including: stringer bead, knot wheels, twist threaded, crimped, & more. They are used for cleaning, cutting, removing burrs, polishing, preparing surface areas on pipelines, etc.
  • Cut Off/Cutting Wheels: Cut off wheels, or cutting wheels, are commonly used in the construction & pipeline industries with angle grinders for cutting rebar, or grinding metal piping.
  • Flap Wheels: A flap wheel is an abrasive disk used for metal finishing, ideal for curved surfaces.
  • Beveling Bands: Beveling bands are bands that are wrapped around pipes to hold a beveler or band crawler in place as it smooths and cuts pipes
  • Industrial Drill Bits: We have a wide variety of industrial drill bits used for drilling into metals, rocks, & minerals.
  • Sandblasting Media: Sandblasting is the operation of propelling a sandblasting media, also known as an abrasive media, against a surface to smooth, clean, decontaminate, or shape it.