Industrial Clamps

Industrial Clamps: Welding, Pipe Alignment, Construction & More

Horizon Supply Company offers several types of industrial clamps for use in welding, pipe alignment, construction & more. From spring clamps to cage clamps, we’re your one-stop industrial supply. You can place your order online, or contact us for more information.

Types of Industrial Clamps:

  • Hose Clamps: hose clamps (usually made of stainless steel) are used to attach & seal a hose onto a fitting
  • Pipe Alignment Clamps:
    • Cage Clamps:
      • Line Up Clamps
      • Ratchet Clamps
      • Manual Clamps
      • Hand Lever Clamps
      • Chain Clamps/Locking Chain Clamps
  • Wire Rope Clips/ Steel Cable Clamps:  used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It usually consists of a U-shaped bolt, a forged saddle, and two nuts
  • C-Clamps: standard go-to clamp, used to hold a workpiece in place. Their shape resembles the letter “G”
  • Spring Clamps: also known as hand clamps or pinch clamps, these clamps are spring-loaded and have two handles & two jaws. They provide a lot of clamping force for small or delicate objects that larger clamps cannot handle