Pipeline Coating Inspection Tools & Equipment

Horizon Supply Company is proud to be a distributor of SPY® brand products, regarded by many in the industry as best in class.

Pipeline Coating Inspection Equipment

Their line of superior manufactured equipment & accessories includes:

  • SPY® Holiday Detectors & accessories in the field of industrial coating inspection
  • SPY® Jeep Meter Equipment
  • SPY® High Performance Pig Tracking Equipment

SPY® Holiday Detectors

SPY Holiday Detector

SPY’s principal product is a holiday detector. A “holiday” is a term used mainly in the oil and gas industry in relation to an anticorrosive surface coating, is defined as: A discontinuity in coating, when a part of the surface remains uncoated. A defect such as an area of insufficient coating film thickness. A pinhole within the coating on any coated surface.

SPY® Jeep Meter Equipment

The output voltage of your holiday detector is subject to influence by weather conditions, moisture on the pipe, improper grounding and soil conditions. In order to assure absolute highest accuracy and performance from your holiday detectors (jeeps), Pipeline Inspection Company has developed three special Jeepmeters for checking detector voltage output.

SPY® High Performance Pig Tracking Equipment

Pig Trackers are devices that are used to track the passage and pinpoint locate a pipeline pig that is equipped with an appropriate transmitter. These devices enable operating and maintenance companies to minimize the costs involved with excavating and removing stuck pigs.

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